Everbright 1X single -disk variable speed road vehicle

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Don't underestimate this old 3 -speed Super Champion kit. Its Tourism French record is the same as today's famous SRAM, and also helped the driver to win the Tingle Championship twice.

Speaking of the transmission chain of highway bicycles, it was the invention of the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, which has been more than 100 years ago. In 1937, the transmission bicycle entered the Tanfa for the first time and won the championship that year. After that, the transmission quickly replaced the tradition in the Tourism Fa at that time. The way to get off the rear wheels before climbing the hill became the mainstream. Different forms of transmission win the survival of the fittest, which is finally set to modern front and rear chain design.

Although highway bicycles appear earlier, and various transmission appears first on highway cars, the 1X transmission system of modern significance is born on the mountain stadium. (What? You said that the Guanfa champion car in 1937 is 1x? Yes ... it is really ...)

In some XC competitions in the 2010 season, the two Olympic champions Julian Abu Salon realized that he did not need a small disk in the game. Disk, use 1*10 system to participate. At that time, the 2*10 system was just popular, and the positive and negative tooth plates did not appear. Later, the 1*10 XX1 single -disk transmission system released by SRAM later marked the official entering the 1x era.

It was not until the highway cross -country field in 2014 that the 1X system in the modern sense first debuted on the bicycle field. On the highway team, the Aqua Blue Sport team, which has just announced the use of the 1X system to recruit intercontinental events, is the first professional team to use the 1X system in the modern large group.

The 1X system that killed the Quartet in the mountain stadium finally entered the highway professional competition. However, it cannot be denied that the relative traditional dual -disk systems have the advantages of simple, lightweight, reliable, and brain -saving.