Bicycle products become hot -selling accessories become a big popular

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Recently, Ebay released the "Development Report on the Development of Cross -border E -commerce Retail Export Industry in Greater China". The report shows that the current transformation of Chinese auto parts sellers has begun to transform, and auto parts products are constantly releasing growth potential, which is expected to become a new driving force for the development of China's cross -border e -commerce retail export industry. At the same time, bicycle accessories have also become a popular category of cross -border e -commerce.

Analysis of international market development potential

Recently, the cross -border e -commerce platform issued an investment promotion order on the official website: I hope more sellers engaged in bicycle products will enter It is reported that in recent years, domestic and foreign markets have gradually increased for road vehicles and mountain vehicles, and developed countries have set off a wave of "anti -cars" -riding this sport has been sought after by more and more people. Cycling has become a way for people to enjoy a healthy life.

Since entering 2014, the exports of my country's bicycle industry have terminated the decline in 2013 and stabilized. Since February, the growth rate of exports has risen month by month. In October, the cumulative exports of the bicycle and part industries were close to $ 5 billion, an increase of 14.83%over the same period last year, and the growth rate increased by about 0.21 percentage points from September.

Bicycle accessories popular countries

It is understood that in the United States, the government sends subsidies to those who are riding on bicycles; in Switzerland, the "bicycle journey" brings prosperity; in the Netherlands, the number of bicycles and population is quite like ... By August 2014, Google searched for the trend of "global bicycles in shopping category". Among them, the area with the highest popularity was Britain, followed by Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

The United States is the world's largest bicycle consumer market, and China is the largest bicycle importer in the United States.

The Japanese bicycle market is my country's second largest market. The Japanese bicycle market is in good order. At present, Japan's domestic production is not one -fifth of the demand, and the rest is mainly supplied by mainland China and Taiwan.

The EU is a huge potential market. Germany, France, and Britain have the largest sales of bicycles in EU countries. At present, the local, regions, and governments of the EU and member states are creating conditions so that the public uses bicycles as a travel tool. However, due to the influence of the EU's anti -dumping, many companies cannot enter the EU due to their own product problems -this world's second largest bicycle consumer market.

Others such as Canada, Australia, Italy, Vietnam and other countries and regions. Due to the differences in living standards in various countries, the purpose of using bicycles is different. Rider in some countries take tourism, exercise, and children's sports. Use multi -speed vehicles, off -road vehicles and mountain vehicles; bicycles in some countries are mainly used as transportation, using lightweight and multi -speed cars.