There is still an opportunity to grow in the bicycle industry

Public date:2022-06-13 19:35:04   /   Views:

In the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's "Interactive Easy" platform news, Cindon Health said in the investigation on December 16 that, in the current point of view, the market unit price of bicycle accessories is still showing a rise in a certain period of time. In the past two years, due to the special impact of the epidemic, the price of raw materials has risen rapidly, resulting in the increase in cost pressure of the company. The company adjusts the downstream transmission through the price. At the same time The general price of general accessories is higher. According to media reports, Giant, the leader of the world's bicycle industry, "Optimistic about the bicycle industry and gold for ten years, hoping to join hands with component manufacturers to attack global business opportunities", at least 50%of orders have not been satisfied. "

Recently, the new crown pneumonia variant virus OMICRON has quickly stretched to many countries around the world. The outside world is worried that the epidemic situation that will not easily slow down will worsen again. The problem of chaos in the supply chain of bicycle accessories will continue to next year. In summary, the industry still has the opportunity to continue to grow.